Minggu, 26 Agustus 2012

The only diaper my wife and I will ever use

Huggies Little Diapers Economy packaging

Huggies Little Diapers Economy packaging

We originally started out with a subscription delivery of another brand of disposable diapers, which also worked quite well. However, as our infants bowel movements started to get bigger, we started having "blow outs". All up his back and into his onesie - GROSS. We were given some Huggies by some friends and after a week, we noticed that, while bug was still having his bigger bowel movements, fewer of them were making it out of the diaper. Certainly, the Huggies were more stretchy, had a softer outer covering, but I wasn't really moved by the asthetics of the diaper - I was looking to have fewer onesies that needed hand washing and the Huggies provided that. No leaks out of the leg holes, very few up his back and they absorb wee like champs! We switched our subscription to try it for a month and I am so happy with them that I think we will be sticking with Huggies for the duration.

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  1. Armando Francis22 November 2012 14.32

    I want to know how much it would cost for a baby in the first year? Just a rough estimate.