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Victorias Secret Romance Hydrating Lotion

Victorias Secret Romance Hydrating Lotion

This is a great wipe! Baby and I both love it. It works well to clean everything off, anywhere--and the extra "grip" it provides by being just cloth and water, works to get everything off her bottom, or sticky, crusted food off her face. We use them for hands, feet, face, all over--baby, Mama and Papa! No rashes, no problems, no toxins, no worries. Total peace of mind. This is a simple, effective wipe--and no other ingredients are needed. And we have had absolutely no problem with mold (and I have a mold allergy, so I was concerned because of some reviews), and we take them out of the pack and put them in our wipes dispenser. As long as you use them and use them up regularly, you should have no problems!

Mamas who prefer wipes that smell fancy and are loaded with ingredients, consider first your child's safety. The benefits of this pure, healthy, safe wipe outweigh the perceived "costs" of losing the harmful ingredients! You are responsible for your child's health and well-being, and so many of the ingredients, even in the "natural" wipes, are dangerous: linked to ADHD and liver-kidney issues (Sodium Benzoate, etc.--we stopped using 7th Gen wipes after their new formulation which bumped this up to 2nd ingredient), fragrances are endocrine/hormone disruptors which can affect their development when absorbed through the skin, paraben preservatives are carcinogenic, etc. Even tea tree oil and lavender--volatile plant oils--were recently classified by the EWG as endocrine disruptors and carcinogenic (because they are estrogenic), after a study was done which found pre-pubescent breast growth in young boys, all three of whom used lavender and tea tree oil products. (Google for the article.) After doing in depth research, it was found that these oils have an estrogenic effect that can affect development in both boys and girls, and are now advised to be avoided by many health care professionals and environmental doctors. Go with these and you can be worry free!

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