Sabtu, 01 September 2012

Best overnight diaper on the market

Pampers Cruisers Ultra Diapers Count

Pampers Cruisers Ultra Diapers Count

We are primarily a cloth diaper family, but there are times when we use disposables for convenience. When we do purchase disposables, we always choose Pampers. Initially, we tried a few different brands, most notably store brands, since we figured we might be able to get away with cheap diapers since we wouldn't be using them often. Boy was that a mistake! After plenty of leaks (some grosser than others), we decided to always stick with the brand we knew we could trust.

Our kiddo is a very active 13 month old - walking, climbing, starting to run - and we need a diaper that stays in place. She is also a bit of a "super soaker," so we also need high capacity and super absorbency. And since we primarily use disposables when we travel, we need them to be less bulky. In short, we have lots of demands on a diaper. Pampers fit the bill perfectly.

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