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Pampers Baby Fresh Wipes Count

Pampers Baby Fresh Wipes Count

Being parents of a premie who started life at less than 2 lbs, we were very careful on how to take care of him when he finally came home from the hospital. This was our first child and being the youngest in both our families, my wife and I had no experience with newborns, let alone such a tiny and vulnerable premie.

Shortly after bringing him home, we noticed his skin was reacting to something. We thought perhaps it was diaper rash, but the pediatrician suspected it was a reaction to the cleaning wipes we were using on him. I remembered back to his time in the hospital neonatal ICU (NICU) and what was used there. I also talked to our pediatrician about it. The NICU uses Pampers Natural Clean unscented wipes. The staff at our hospital's NICU carefully evaluates everything and anything that comes in contact with the babies they take care of. I knew there would be a good reason why they would select these wipes and I decided, if it's good enough for the NICU, it's worth trying at home.

So I bought a box of these wipes and our baby's skin problems cleared up immediately. It's been a number of months now and he's had no further skin reactions of any kind.

These wipes come in handy for other things, not just for baby. My wife uses them for general cleanups while on the run and keeps a pack in her purse at all times. They're a handy item to have around.

Amazon has a fantastic price for this product. If you have a baby and are looking for discounts on diapers and wipes, we highly recommend signing up for Amazon's Subscribe and Save program. Using that program, you can get a box of 864 of these wipes (12 packs) for about $18, and that includes free shipping. That's fantastic!

Our experience with this product has been excellent and we recommend others try these wipes with their baby. They're safe, effective, and reasonably priced.

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