Sabtu, 11 Agustus 2012

in love with these diapers!

Pampers Extra Protection Diapers Super

Pampers Extra Protection Diapers Super

My 15 month old is a super soaker at night. We bought these out of necessity and they've been great. I was just about to set a subscribe and save delivery (we're on our second box from Target and I figured it'd be cheaper to subscribe) and I noticed the terrible reviews. We've never had the bursting crystal issue. These are the only thing that will keep him dry at night. I'm a little weary to subscribe now, even knowing they work great for us, because of the bursting crystal issue other people have sited, but I know they have been fine for us.

Update 9/17/11: My son eventually started wetting through these night diapers as well, so we have had to switch to using a very thin poise pad with our regular daytime diapers and he is hardly wet at all in the mornings. This solution was better for us.

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  1. My son is nearly 2. He sleeps about 12 hours at night. He pees through his diaper nearly every night, and I have had about enough. I tried the huggies overnight, and they leaked. I have been using pampers extra protection, but this last package I bought nearly EVERY diaper is breaking in the night and he wakes up with crystals all over the place. Does anyone know what I can do so he doesn't leak all over? Are there any super brands out there that I don't know about? Any help would be grealy appreciated. Thanks!