Minggu, 05 Agustus 2012

pampers kandoo wipes

Pampers Kandoo Flushable Sensitive Wipes

Pampers Kandoo Flushable Sensitive Wipes

I know that Amazon has been changing which wipes they sell and the prices keep going up and when they first did the price hike I tried these --> Pampers SoftCare Unscented Wipes 1x Fitment Pack 72 Count (Pack of 4) and hated them. So slippery I kept getting poop on my hands--gross!

So, I came back to these good ol' Huggies. They are thick, not a strong smell, wipe lots of poop of WITHOUT going through and getting on my hand and I can even use them on their faces or hands without worrying about the perfume.

I guess that if you're not an Amazon Mom (I know that it used to be free) that the price isn't as good as before but if you are they're still 3 cents..a little bit more but for super busy moms I'm happy with that and not having to remember my coupons and get to a certain store before they're not on sale.

Case in point...I'm on my fourth boy...two in diapers..need lots of wipes...these do the job best, PERIOD! :)

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  1. We are currently using the Huggies Clean Team Flush-able wipes, but my poor little boy's bum is looking rather red and a little raw. He only wears a diaper at night, and we put Desitin on him then. It helps, but I think he just needs softer wipes. Is there a brand of flush-able wipes that feels more like the Pampers baby wipes?