Rabu, 18 Juli 2012

Loose some ecoguilt

Earths Best TenderCare Chlorine Diapers

Earths Best TenderCare Chlorine Diapers

I like these almost as much as 7th Generation. The difference is (besides the color which is white compared to their tan) these are more paper-crinkly-like in texture and the 7th Gen are softer. I guess the 7th Gen is more like a Pampers swaddlers texture especially after they have been worn for half an hour or more. These are crisper more like a Target brand diaper. Anyway they do the job and never have irritated my baby over 6 months of usage (alternating with the other brand) and while I have sometimes (about 4 times) had overnight leakage I think that has been due to me putting them on crooked or loose in the dark. But it's possible the absorbency is a little slower on the uptake in this brand. The reason I started using these at all is their newborn size is nice, comparable to Pampers, while 7th Gen is a little clunkier for a newborn.

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  1. I have a newborn child and although we already have tons of diapers left over from his baby shower, when we run out we will need a cheaper source than the traditional shopping outlets. Help! We are on a tight budget as my husband works retail and I'm a stay at home mom.