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Great product, great price

Pampers Softcare Fresh Wipes Count

Pampers Softcare Fresh Wipes Count

I am a stay at home Mom with 4 children. I have been buying diapers for the past almost 11 years and Pampers Baby Dry is hands down the best diaper on the market, and believe me I have tried them all! All of my kids have been "super soakers" when it comes to pee. These diapers way out perform any other brand including major brands and department store brands. The major selling points for me are:
1. They are thin, easy to pack 5 in a diaper bag.
2. Easy to unfold with one hand (if you, like me frequently have to use the other hand to keep baby still)
3. tabs are easily opened without extra unfolding and don't rip off like several other brands.
4. Doesn't leave residue on baby or smell like pee when really soaked.
5. wider in the front to prevent baby from peeing out the side (and my kids are experts at this)

One thing that may be helpful is to remember that Pampers fit better on children that are long and skinny. If your baby is short and really chubby in the bottom, then Huggies will fit your baby better. This, I believe, explains the few complaints about Pampers not fitting or leaking.

Hope this review was helpful!

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  1. Marjorie Francis26 Oktober 2010 11.32

    Pampers wipes are by far my favorite, they glide over the skin easily and clean well. This box is a much better value than what can be found in the store especially with Amazon subscribe and save. Plus amazon saves me a trip to the store. I like these wipes much better than the other brands and they have never irritated my 5 little one's skin.

  2. It is more efficient to buy off line because you get more pampers for the money. Local stores sell limited
    supplies of the very large box.

  3. Kyle Fitzpatrick20 Oktober 2011 13.32

    We have been using these wipes since signing up for Amazon Mom. They are sturdy, smell great, and are very affordable.

  4. I love these wipes. They are the right thickness and softness for my baby so he doesn't get diaper rash from wiping.

  5. Freddie Cummings22 November 2011 06.32

    I love these wipes! I ran out quicker than normal (I do subscribe and save-best idea ever) and I had to buy just a small pack to get me through, I bought the Walmart (parents choice) brand just to get through for a couple days and I hate them! It made me realize just how much I love these pamper wipes! Best wipes. I used to use the Huggies and I liked them, had no problem, but I love these. They are soft without being wussy, and smell nice without being over powering. I hilly recommend them!

  6. Patrick Herring22 November 2011 14.32

    They are perfect, I like the fragrance a lot. They are very smooth and thick as exactly mentioned . Awesome

  7. These wipes are very thick, strong and have a great fresh fragrance. I use them to freshen up my dog's fur between baths.

  8. I have tried others but I have yet to find any that are as thick and do not irritate. I have tried store brands and other national brands that are cheaper and more expensive and I keep going back to these.

  9. I clean my CPAP mask daily using Papers Soft Care Baby Wipes. It keeps my CPAP mask clean in between weekly full cleanings. It helps extend the life of very expensive CPAP mask systems.