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Best Diapers on the Market

Huggies Natural Diapers Count Packaging

Huggies Natural Diapers Count Packaging

Like lot of people, I'm looking out for ways and products to aid the environment and be more green. I'm a first time mom and I wanted to find something a little more green for diaper for my newborn. I had ordered the new born size before I went into labor. After I came home from the hospital I started using this diaper..... the diapers were leaking too often. I was worried and switched to pampers dry.... he started to develop diaper rashes inspite of applying petrolatum during every diaper change. So I switched back to huggies pure and natural, his rashes started to reduce, but the leaking problem started. I didn't want to give up on this brand, because it was huggies, so I decided to give this another try, so I ordered size 1 (my son is a big baby... 8.3lbs at birth) and that did the trick. So the first time around it was not the brand but the size that caused the leakage. Now my son is happy without any rashes and wet diaper and so am I. Sometimes he goes on without a diaper change for about 5 to 6 hours and never has it leaked after the size upgrade. Now I've ordered size 2 and my son is 2 months old. So for people having leaking trouble, try a bigger size. One advice - I was told that a new born might go thro' about 10-12 diapers a day and I could use new born size for upto a month and half. So I enrolled in the amazon subscribe and save program (btw, it is great time and money saver and the best part is you get what you ordered at your door step in two days with Prime Shipping) and by the time I delivered, I had about 300 diapers on hand-a months supply. But I couldn't use more than a 50 before I had to upgrade to size 1. So wait to find out your child's size and then stock up.

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